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The most current database of good Moscow taxi. For every taxi you can find complete information about phones, minimum cost, pricing, discounts, promotions, online ordering capabilities and other additional services.

Moscow is a biggest metropolis in Russia, so you can find here a dozens of taxi services. Official statistics show that in Moscow more than 50 thousand registered vehicles, authorized to carry out taxi services. And it’s only cars with yellow body color.

Already, the average waiting time of the cab, for example at Yandex.Taxi be no more than 4 minutes, and the order of the car trip options will not take over 2 minutes. Other companies, too, have something to boast about.

Among Taksan impossible to meet the car, the representative of the domestic auto industry, solid foreign cars. The unexpected move during the global fight against smoking – cars with smokers lounge.

Ace Taxi with a fleet of over 250 cars (sedans, station wagons, minivans, economy, comfort, business class). There are already familiar range of fares – flat rate and over the counter, which by the way does not change the time of day that makes a trip to Moscow is quite profitable.

The Moscow branch of the economy cabs taxi Bonus gives a 15% discount for everyone who ordering taxi via their website.

Inexpensive taxi Citymobil, which except for Moscow working in cities such as Kazan, Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar, has a modern fleet of cars, ranging from the usual Ford Focus and ending representational BMW and Mercedes-Benz. This is a taxi from the rest of the system features a flexible, generally inexpensive rates and the availability of applications for the iPhone and Android, which allows you to receive an additional 10% bonus with every order.

Taxi Rainbow, in addition to passenger and cargo transportation shall, provides special vehicles (manipulators and tow trucks). Extensive fleet, cars to suit all tastes from economy class to business class, including the increasingly popular car comfort class.

Listing of Moscow taxi:

Taxi company name Minimal fare Phone number
Gett taxi logo Gett 50 roubles
Uber logo Uber 50 roubles
Yandex.Taxi logo Yandex.Taxi 99 roubles
логотип Такси Мостакси (Москва) Mostaxi 150 roubles +7 (495) 540-40-40
логотип Такси Везет (Москва) Taxi Vezet 160 roubles +7 (495) 909-90-90
логотип Такси Ситимобил (Москва) Citymobil 199 roubles +7 (495) 500-50-50
логотип такси Nexi (Москва) Taxi Nexi 199 roubles +7 (495) 933-03-03
логотип МСК.Такси (Москва) MSK.Taxi 299 roubles +7 (495) 730-40-40
логотип Такси Командир (Москва) Taxi Komandir 600 roubles +7 (495) 125-04-53