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The most current database of good taxi in St. Petersburg (Russia). For every taxi you can find complete information about phones, minimum cost, pricing, discounts, promotions, online ordering capabilities and other additional services.

Big ship – great diving, and a wide range of big city taxi to any, even the most refined tastes and budgets. A healthy competition, as we know it is the engine of progress, so in St. Petersburg has been a positive trend – the price of taxi services is not growing, and often even falling, and the quality of services improves. Some 5-7 years ago, cheap delivery of passengers has been fully occupied by the illegal taxi with dubious appearance, using as a vehicle exclusively Russian-made cars and they competed with each other only in the rarity submitted coaches.

Now, despite the crisis, inexpensive and comfortable to move around the city has become the norm. Perhaps one of the triggers of the growing popularity of a taxi in St. Petersburg was the arrival on the market of Taksovichkof with a huge fleet of new cars, courteous drivers and affordable prices. Old-timers taxi market in no hurry to give up their positions and more companies, such as Semerochka, Petersburg taxi 068, taxi Rossiya, taxi 5-000-000 meet the high requirements of the avid customers.

For example Taxi Minimum in St. Petersburg because of its telephone and incredibly low Price is better known under the name of the cab 666. Machinery taxi fully comply with its cheapest price-list and is almost entirely made up of the Soviet and Russian automotive industry, but for the sake of a cheap trip can bear. A Narodnoye taxi, due to its tariffs, true to its name, with a minimum value of the trip 150 roubles, the services of a taxi can really take advantage of every resident of St. Petersburg.

While St. Petersburg taxi Class has positioned itself as one of the cheapest in the city, but with good cars. Prices for the trip start at 200 roubles, travel on beltway or through the cable-stayed will cost you only 100 roubles the addition to the total score. Additional 20% discount can be obtained by ordering a taxi cab through the site or making a repost in social networks.

In addition to the affordable price of a trip around the city and beyond (Pulkovo Airport, Leningrad Region), Economy Taxi Bonus also offers for each trip a bonus of 5% of the order value, which you can then pay for the trip, unless, of course, save up enough bonus rubles. Also it has been in the standard 15% discount when ordering a taxi via the website or mobile app. Taxi Bonus also works in Moscow.

Loyalty programs, discounts, bonus trips, payment by credit card, wi-fi on board – without it now just to find a taxi difficult. Many are looking for innovative approaches to the provision of passenger transport services. Agree, the taxi driver will meet you at the airport in the form of a pilot is able to extend the positive feeling of the flight and in the car. Passengers who prefer voice communication (classic call a taxi by phone call) and the possibility of broadband Internet available practically everywhere did not have to worry.

With the advent of Uber in Russia ordering a taxi through the app was a sign of good taste, and giants such as Yandex.Taxi and Gett further spurred public interest.

Listing of St.-Petersburg taxi:

Taxi company name Minimal fare Telephone
Yandex.Taxi logo Yandex.Taxi 49 roubles
Uber logo Uber 50 roubles
Gett taxi logo Gett taxi 50 roubles
Taxi Minimum logo Taxi Minimum 120 roubles +7 (812) 333-16-66
логотип Такси 777 (Санкт-Петербург) Taxi 777 149 roubles +7 (812) 777-17-77
логотип Такси Везет (Санкт-Петербург) Taxi Vezet 190 roubles +7 (812) 318-03-18
логотип Такси ТаксовичкоФ (Санкт-Петербург) Taxi Taksovichkof 230 roubles +7 (812) 333-00-00
логотип 5-000-000 такси (Санкт-Петербург) 5-000-000 taxi 290 roubles +7 (812) 500-00-00
логотип Такси 2412 (Санкт-Петербург) Taxi 2412 299 roubles +7 (499) 995-24-12
логотип Такси Зенит (Санкт-Петербург) Taxi Zenit 300 roubles +7 (812) 640-24-24
логотип Такси BMW (Санкт-Петербург) Taxi BMW 320 roubles +7 (812) 241-11-11
логотип такси Таксити (Санкт-Петербург) Taxity 370 roubles +7 (812) 320-02-00
логотип Такси Mercedes (Санкт-Петербург) Taxi Mercedes 500 roubles +7 (812) 326-00-00
логотип Такси Россия (Санкт-Петербург) Taxi Rossiya 500 roubles +7 (812) 330-40-40