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Taxi to/from airport Sheremetyevo

Moscow (Russia)
Taxi airport Sheremetyevo

Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO) – International Airport, one of the three main airports of Moscow. Located to the north-west of Moscow, on the territory of the urban district of Khimki, Moscow region, between the towns of Khimki and Lobnya. Distance from Moscow to Leningrad Highway to the terminals A and C – 13 km, to the terminals D, E & F – 9 km. This distance from the city imposes special requirements to order a taxi to the airport and out of it – the car must be submitted without delay and at a reasonable price.

We have made some research and present you with a list of prices of good and trusted taxis with which you will be able to get to Sheremetyevo or leave it.

The cost of a taxi to/from the Sheremetyevo Airport (Moscow, Russia):

Taxi company name Minimal fare Phone number
Uber logo Uber 700-1500 roubles
логотип Такси Москва-24 (Москва) Taxi Moskva-24 750-900 roubles +7 (495) 776-80-04
логотип такси Цель (Москва) Taxi Cel от 800-950 р. +7 (495) 204-22-44
логотип Такси Millennium (Москва) Taxi Millennium 800-1300 roubles +7 (495) 727-28-28
логотип Такси 095 (Москва) Taxi 095 850-1100 roubles +7 (495) 500-05-09
логотип Такси Ace Taxi (Москва) Ace Taxi 900-1050 roubles +7 (499) 406-02-73
логотип Такси Век (Москва) Taxi Vek 900-1050 roubles +7 (495) 978-34-04
логотип Мегаполис такси (Москва) Megapolis taxi 1100-1300 roubles +7 (495) 771-74-74
логотип Такси Мостакси (Москва) Mostaxi 1350-1550 roubles +7 (495) 540-40-40