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Taxi to/from airport Domodedovo

Moscow (Russia)
taxi airport domodedovo

Domodedovo Airport (DME) – International Airport, one of the three main airports of Moscow. It is located on the border of the urban district of Domodedovo and the Ramenskoye district of Moscow region, 45 km south-east of the center of Moscow, 22 km from MKAD. This distance from the city imposes special requirements to order a taxi to the airport and out of it – the car must be submitted without delay and at a reasonable price.

We have made some research and present you with a list of prices of good and trusted taxis with which you will be able to get to Domodedovo or leave it.

The cost of a taxi to/from the Domodedovo Airport (Moscow, Russia):

Taxi company name Minimal fare Phone number
логотип Такси Москва-24 (Москва) Taxi Moskva-24 750-950 roubles +7 (495) 776-80-04
логотип такси Цель (Москва) Taxi Cel 800-990 roubles +7 (495) 204-22-44
logo Uber Uber 850-1650 roubles
логотип Такси 095 (Москва) Taxi 095 900-1100 roubles +7 (495) 500-05-09
логотип Такси Ace Taxi (Москва) Ace Taxi 900-1100 roubles +7 (499) 406-02-73
логотип Такси Millennium (Москва) Taxi Millennium 900-1400 roubles +7 (495) 727-28-28
логотип Мегаполис такси (Москва) Megapolis taxi 1000-1300 roubles +7 (495) 771-74-74
логотип Такси Век (Москва) Taxi Vek 1100-1250 roubles +7 (495) 978-34-04
логотип Такси Мостакси (Москва) Mostaxi 1350-1550 roubles +7 (495) 540-40-40